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Rabbits Fur Sprays

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So here i found the only recognizable brand in my country which provides spray for healthy rabbit fur..

im looking for a spray that can brings out healthy fur out of my rabbit and remove matts.. so there are two types the anti-tangle and anti-static.. can u all please suggest me which one is better amongst these two by reading the description.. cause it looks the same for me.. Thanks..


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There's no ingredient listing so I can't determine if they're truly safe for rabbits. You really shouldn't need either product if you're grooming them regularly.
I agree, we'd need to see the ingredient list to really determine if it's safe.

Why does your rabbit have mats? Is she/he grooming him/her self normally and do you brush the rabbit regularly?

Mats can be really painful to brush out even if you do use a product so be careful.

If your rabbit is on a healthy diet, is healthy in general, and you brush them regularly their coat really should be healthy without having to use any kind of product on it.
I just wanted to add - personally I wouldn't use either of those on my rabbits. It says on the label to seek medical advice if swallowed and that's for a human, who are much larger than a rabbit. I would be really worried that it could be dangerous when a rabbit licks it off their fur.

Methanol, the only ingredient I see mentioned in the pictures you posted, is methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol is toxic to humans if swallowed and I'd imagine it's not great for animals either!

Taken from the ASPCA website...

Both propylene glycol and methyl alcohol have the potential to cause gastrointestinal irritation, central nervous system depression, and even death from respiratory failure in severe cases.
owh okay.. thanks for the posts... i will then have to avoid those :) .. well the fur is matted comes from the breeder... the fur looks okay from the outside but it feels weird (like not stable) on the inside.. when i tried to comb it inside-out the comb stucks.. so i stop it there and now the rabbits fur been cut wholly... LoLs... shes fine tho... heheh... cause its matted everywhere.. :S

and one more thing... i tried to train my new bunny to do litter train.. but the only problem is... i have put the box here.. and she peed on one area... when i shift to that are she peed on another area and it goes that again and again... and sometimes she push the litter box and peed on that area... what should i do ? i already put them in small area..
I would avoid any product to put on the bunnies to make them shiny and de-tangle them etc. . . Those, like mentioned above, are potentially harmful if ingested and given that bunnies spend a great deal of time grooming themselves and each other.
Anyway, to remove the mats I would contact a groomer or vet to shave the fur and cut out the mats. It will make for a silly looking bunny for a bit but I recommend its safer unless you have vast experience in cutting animal fur yourself. Their skin is so thin, and mats go right down to the skin line. It could get ugly. I would definitely contact a professional, though, to cut off the mats.
Any sprays from them on are totally unnecessary. Bunnies do a fine time grooming themselves and coupled with you brushing them everyday there should not be any more problems! :)
so which is the best amongst these groomers for my rabbit? from short to long hair...

and for the 3-types of comb (1st pic attached) - I planned to get one of those but dont know which one is suitable for my bunny... is the one on the left okay? cause the middle one looks close to each other and the last one i dont know what is it used for... so i need some advice before wasting my money... Thanks!

the steel groom (2nd pic attached) - i usually use that.. its a steel.. but at the moment i would like to avoid it cause it looks so harsh on the rabbit.. it usually pulls certain hair... or is that normal? but im afraid im hurting my bunnies by using it and make them bold cause it keeps pulling the furs..


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I use a slicker brush (the pic on the right), and it works great. If it is pulling out large clumps of fur, then that is probably because your bun is molting. When they molt, you can pull their loose fur out by the handful, and it's actually good to do that so they don't ingest as much when they groom themselves.

For shorter furred buns, I would use the middle comb with the teeth close together. For thicker/longer furred buns, a comb with more spaced out teeth would probably work better. I have a shed comb (the one on the far right in the 1st pic) for puppies/kittens, and it works OK. The slicker brush is probably my favorite though, and Smudge really likes soft bristle brushes too.
Thanks!!thats really helpful..but for the slicker i had that one also and soft bristle.. A steel with white round tip at the end.. Well as for my lionhead it works great for their fur..however for my angora..everytime i groom her with that it pulled afraid shell get bald cause the hair always there everytime i groom her..btw how many time in a day or a mybe in a week should i groom my angora??i really want her coat to be beautiful like on those google..i use hair dryer to blow but i dont know whats the purpose..shes around 2 months old btw..:)
I've never had a long haired bun, but I know that they should be groomed often. Grooming her every day and cutting out any matts you find should keep her coat nice.
Thanks for that Jess :) ill keep her groomed everyday

Purple-Hops: so how can i reach Sasami?

and yea... how long does it take for rabbits fur to grow back.. i mean the angora?
Easiest way is to find a post by her, click on her name and chose "send a msg"
Hey! Sorry, I was on vacation! :)

I do indeed have an Angora rabbit. I brush her at least every other day. Every day would probably be better but it works for me. By "brush" I mean doing a pretty thorough job, not just a quick brushing like with a Jersey Wooly or something. It's important to be gentle because rabbits have very thin skin compared to most animals. If you find any matts (or tangles starting to form), remove them by hand. They usually come out easily through physical separation, scissors are only necessary for very large matts (and if that happens, you're not brushing the rabbit enough). The proper way to use scissors is to use them to separate the matt (usually by cutting down the center). Simply cutting it off won't get rid of it completely and will make the coat look messy.

English Angora rabbits are usually sheared, not plucked, so I'm not sure if you can pluck them too. Plucking is just removing loose wool by hand, it comes out in clumps. Some breeds, like the French Angora, are only plucked and not sheared. I would look up information on English Angora rabbits to see if that's an option. It's easier IMO and it's harder to mess up the coat.

Blowing the coat out helps prevent matting and also removes dander and loose wool. It's a good thing to do if your rabbit tolerates it. I also groom my Angora outside whenever possible, the wind helps blow out the coat, she's distracted (and less likely to kick me, haha), and I make less of a mess (the wool just blows away and gets used by birds for nesting material).

Wool should be coming off like you're describing, that's normal. If that's happening, the rabbit may need to be plucked :). Believe me, the wool grows so fast (with a proper diet) that there's no need to worry about your bunny going bald :).
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Oh hello there Sasami and sorry to disturb your vacation.. :)

anyway thank you for the tips..that was quite for the blower i dont have the actual blower so i just use hairdryer set to max cold air..

I brushed her everyday at the moment..maybe one day ill brush her evry other day.. Thanks again for the tips :) if theres anything about this english angora i should know of..please tell :D
Go to a different vet because for fur mites they are supposed to put the rabbit on a 6 week course of invermectin, which is the injection used to treat mites.

You must have confused this post with another one because the rabbit being talked about in this thread doesn't have mites, just tangled/matted fur. mites only matted and tangled but she getting better now after i clip her hair lastym n groomed her everyday
Oh yea and one more thing... my another english angora... i groomed him for more than 30 mins today and the fur keeps pulling out everytime i brush him... why is that? its like the fur easily to fall off.. and eventhough i didnt brush him... whenever i put him on my lap.. furs are everywhere... hes 2 months old++... is this what they called shedding process?? should i stop grooming him or continue? its like i got lots of his furs already when i groomed him.. any ideas??
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