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I will tell you what you do not want to hear. . . There are enough rabbits in the world that are unwanted. Even my local rescue is bogged down with unwanted rabbits that have been RETURNED from adoptive homes bc people just do not realize the responsibility entailed in owning one. I highly suggest you do some research before sticking your adorable bunnies together.
1. there is no way to tell what 'colors' you will get because any idiot breeder should know you cannot breed colors into an animal that you do not have the lineage to.
2. Ask yourself WHY you are breeding rabbits. Are you looking for a dollar or are you absolutely dedicated to the well being and such of the lines you intend to breed. Most breeder of any animal breed because they have a passion for the animal/breed of choice. Not because they "are rare here"- you have just indicated that you intend on selling the babies. Are you aware of the rights of a breeder? What responsibilities you have to the animal and to your customer? Are you prepared to take back any sold rabbit if it does not fit into its new home? *just a note, but 3 generations are required before you can say you are selling a purebred rabbit. And given you did not indicate where you got yours are you even sure they are English Angora's full breed? After 3 generations you should be aware of any genetic disorders and illness. If they are present, what do you intend to do to cut them out of the lines?

I Do not condone breeding. I don't care where in the world you live. Domestic animals far outnumber humans. Until we cut that number down I will argue with you and debate you to the end. No, I know I cannot stop you but I would like you to realise the potential for ill worth here. What kind of a market is open for pet rabbits there? You can't even tell me what kind of hay you feed them, you just had a scare with cecals which you have not solved yet. There is no vet there able to car for rabbits. I spent last summer back and forth the vet with my mini-rex (bought off a "breeder" by my cousin 5 years ago) due to her genetic and re-occuring abscesses and illness. . Tell me how you plan to erradicate that in your stock?
I'm sorry if I come as harsh but it does not seem like you are in the right position to breed rabbits and this infuriates me because I have seen the outcome of such stupid mistakes. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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