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Rabies question

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Ok so Monday I took everyone in to our local SPCA for rabies shots. The counter clerk seriously screwed up the information.

First, it says on this new certificate that Spyro is white. On his last rabies certificate (from the same SPCA) and on his neuter certificate, it reads tricolor. Spyro is the dog in my picture and clearly is not white lol. I will be asking county if I need to bring him down to the shelter.

Second, it says Loki was given a 1-year vaccine. From my understanding, dogs are to be given a 3-year if you bring in a copy of last year's certificate. He was adopted last year so his rabies certificate is on the same paper as his neuter certificate. He was a little under 5 months overdue so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it BUT she never said anything to me.

Third, I handed her Luna's spay certificate (again...done through SPCA) and she put on the rabies certificate "not altered." Seriously....She only charged me for an altered license (thank goodness I couldn't renew there) but sheesh. On top of that I told her that she was 10 months. She put down 1 year, 5 months.

Luna and Spyro I imagine are easy. I just need to verify that their records are right with the county. Loki I'm not sure if I'm wrong or right. I can't find anything on overdue rabies (spyro was also overdue...but not as overdue) on the CDC website or the county code. Any ideas?
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I lied. Loki was due 9/23 so he is a little under 3 months behind
I think you might be out of luck with the rabies thing. Around here, if you let their rabies shot expire before getting them vaccinated again, even if you only wait a day, then the vets won't give you the 3 year shot. To get the 3 year vaccine here, you'd have to get your dog vaccinated before or exactly on the expiration date of their last vaccination. So yeah, I'd guess that because he was overdo that's why they only gave him the 1 year. That's how they'd do it around here as well.

Next year, take him back for his shots a few days before the vaccination expiration date on his rabies certificate and then you should be able to get the 3 year.

The other stuff just sounds like stupid mistakes. I had that happen to me once before, Kitsune was listed as "not altered" even though he's neutered, and they tried to charge me more for his license. I had to go home, get his neuter certificate, then go back again.

If you already got the license then it's probably not a big deal but if it where me I'd probably call or go in and try to get everything corrected just in case.
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Around here some vets give 3 year and some only give 1 year, one vet says he gives 2 year so people aren't as late its really a 3 year.
Yeah guess what? SPCA doesn't have an extension for their vaccination clinic. Yeah I'm gonna go with I'm SOL. Sucks because I LOVE helping out the shelters but...meh. I won't be going back there
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