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Rabies Tags?

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Are they really necessary? I get my pets done at SPCA (although this year I think I get the chance to vaccinate them at school) and thats it. I get my paperwork and I'm sent out the door. Here both dogs and cats are required to be licensed and to be licensed they need to be UTD for rabies.

My license tags are UTD however I'm totally saving up and getting in shape so I can start going on weekend hiking trips with the dogs. The license tags just say the area where the animal is from, ANIMAL LICENSE, the shelter's phone number, and the animal ID. I noticed the rabies tags actually have a year.

I guess it can come in handy. Did anyone else not get one with their rabies?
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Tags Necessary?

Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm glad to meet you!
In most states the tag is not required to be worn by law, It's more for identification in case your dog gets lost. Most commonly it is required that you be able to produce the rabies certificate if asked. Check with your city or county animal control for their requirements.
i have a tag on my dog that has his name, my name and my number and on his harness i have his rabies tag and city license so he doesn't wear it all the time but he is licensed and i can show proof of rabies if needed. Most cities don't actually patrol and enforce unless a dog bites.
Yes, I've gotten these tags from the vet every time I've had my dogs rabies shot brought up to date. It may depend on the local city laws on whether your pet actually needs to be wearing this tag.
Nothing wrong if dogs always have rabies tag just when this info needed, but not required on all states.
Rabies tags have the owners name and information. A valuable thing when lost.
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