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Does anyone here have any experience with raising a Ragamuffin cat? Are they as easy to get along with as I have been led to believe? Just looking for info.
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Matt and I watched videos of ragamuffins!! If I liked the idea of "pure bred" cats and could justify the cost of buying one over a mutt shelter cat I would want a ragamuffin!!! They're a cross between a ragdoll and another really docile cat.. Get on YouTube and look up "cats 101: ragamuffin" :D Here's a wiki link for you.

They apparantly are playful like kittens until 4 years old!! :p If that's not reason enough ;)
Don't really have experience with them but I have couple of friends who have ragamuffin, they both love outside and very playful kitties too.
They look like really pretty cats, and I must say that the playfulness is def a plus!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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