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This is my cage and pictures of my 2 old rats :)


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aww they are so cute thanks for sharing :)
They are adorable! Thanks for posting those pics! What are their names?
Rapunzel Annastatia and Skeaky :)
and the black and cineman colour ones where called Lola and Bella :)
Awww, great names! I have never had girl rats. Just boy rats and boy gerbils. But I love hearing girl names. So sweet. :)
Lol I wanted boy rats because there more chilled and relaxed as the girls want to explore everything :) Iv had gerbils to, I called them Prince Charming and Sneaker :). I also had a hamster when I was 7 or so called Snoppy was my first ever pet for myself :)
The first rat in the he a manx? Looks like he has no tail.
No lol but it does look like it
Hehe,it really does. Cute anyways.
Happy Family pics

hello these are my guys and girls
Baby Babies Cindy Theo


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4 cute, vibe! Love the baby pile. Yours had the most personality.

Your babies look like a chocolate swirl ice cream Kami. :D
thanks i did my research on mum and dads genes im sure i chose wisely
Vibe, your babies are so precious!!! Just beautiful little sweeties. I want to hold them! :)

Enjoy your new kids...I know you will!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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