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Real pics of Lakitu! (betta)

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So we spontaneaously bought a cheap digicam a couple days ago. I haven't been able to 1.get my hands off it and 2.really figure it out. (I'm anti-instruction manual) so anyway- here's some better pics of my little betta Lakitu as of tonight :)

He keeps his tail always fanned out like this and is always active (lest when he's resting and he comes to when we sit down). He's a happy little fella :) His tails getting better too! ^^
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oh wow hes totally cute ^_^
^^ thanks! As you can probably tell, bubbles are his favorite game :D

Here's a quick vid (I have to figure out how to get longer memory space) of Lakitu eating his pellies
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Beautiful Betta. :)
Looks like he might have some fin rot though. Keep an eye on that and maybe get him some AQ salt.
Thanks!! And no it's not fin rot. We had a plastic plant in there too close to the sides and he shred it there. We have since removed the plant (to Garbage) and he has a silk plant. I've been keeping an eye on his tail, it's growing back and there is no film or fluff. My sister looked at it as well, she didn't see any signs of rot. Thanks though!! :D
AQ salt would still help prevent infections and what not.
Yeah, those little plastic plants suck. lol
I don't think I need salt! The water content is like 2 litres or something. My fishy is happy in it!! He's always moving about, tail fanned out. He's alert and responsive. We play with him with bubbles. I considered the tank for years (I have been years out of owning a filtered tropical tank) and after ample research we decided that this little plastic thing is fine for just one betta.

Oh, the pebbles are gone now. He has a decoration and more space now.
what a handsome guy!
I do not think the tank is bad, I was saying the little plastic tree thing it comes with always rips fins.
Is it a 1 gallon? I have my Betta Abacus in one of those LED lighted 1.5 gallons you get at walmart. He used to be in a 2.5 gallon but he is getting old and likes the smaller one better. :)
oh ^^ And yes the plastic tree looked fine then I read about rubbing it against pantyhose. The knicks and splits in the leaves were not noticeable to the eye or while handling it but they caught in the pantyhose!! I was surprised, I had wanted to get a silk plant but the store didn't have any at the time.. .

The thing Lakitu is in has plenty of space but the box is long gone now, it's about 2 litres... Converted to gallons, it might be 1-2 gallons. We don't have a light for it but I know which ones you're talking about! Those are pretty ^^
I got my silk plants at Petco. The Walmart ones fall apart when you clean them and one even had the dye running off of it when I was cleaning for algea.
Your Betta is very beautiful. Where did you get him?
Oh, the plant I ended up just trimming the 2 leaves off the silk plant I have for our bedroom decoration (I have such bad luck with real plants but like the look) and I cleaned it really well, tied a string to it and buried it in the rocks left in the little pot. I never get to Wal Mart bc all of them are too far away, practically a day's trip on the buses (our transit system sucks). The new Petsmart is a nice place but their plants are priced way too high!!

We picked Lakitu up at the local pet shop here off a new shipment. I'm not sure where they usually get them but the lady who helped me breeds her own and was very helpful (aside from not telling us to get a new plant). And I hate to even admit that we got him at a pet store :/ I hate pet stores so much but we convinced ourselves that fish are not available anywhere else.

Where did you get yours? And are there pics on this forum of him??
I have owned around 14 at one time. I am moving soon so I had to rehome the others. :(
Now I am left with my one original baby. lol
I will have him for a year in September. But I think he is about 2-3 years old.

I got Abacus at Walmart. I actually got almost all of my Bettas from Walmart, except like maybe three of them (two I got from Petco and one I got from Petsmart). :)
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Oh my god he's SO pretty!!! I love the solid red ones!! :p You're lucky to have ABascus ^^

I check the classifieds absent mindedly sometimes and the only fish ppl sell are excess cichlids and oscars usually so I never once had my hopes up for a betta. But is that how you re-homed yours? Through classifieds? I'd like to have more but it's bad enough Matt puts up a fuss to clean this tank! lol
I put my Bettas up on Craigslist. 4 of them actually went to one person. lol
She said she liked how the ones she got from me were friendly.
I made sure they all found great homes. And the girl that took my yellow BFHM male Caligula sends me pictures and updates of him. :)
Bettas are addictive, I always want more and more.
There's only types available to buy in stores here, the ones like Lakitu and Abascus and crowntail spiky ones . I seen the variety they come in! When I get a real apartment I would definitely look more into getting some more! When you had 14 what did you keep them in?
They each had different types of tanks. I had 2 sick ones so they were in 1 gallons each. I had 2 in a divided 6.6 gallon, 3 2.5 gallons each, 2 5 gallons each, 2 1.5 gallon each, 1 in a 15 gallon, 2 in a divided 10 gallon. :)
HOW do you play bubbles with your betta? I read this earlier and decided to try it. I have a syringe from my dentist (I rinsed it out well) and used it to slowly blow bubbles in his tank and he just got mad at me LOL
@Mulder: I do not think I ever played that with my fish. They just liked to flare at me when I stared at them and they liked it when I poured fresh water into their tank. And Abacus likes to swim through my fingers when I put my hand in there.
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