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rehabilitation of working dogs

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Just curious, is there a program out there for the rehab of military/police dogs? It truly breaks my heart that here they are serving our country, just to retire the way that many of them do.
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I think retired police dogs have it pretty well, but i don't know about military dogs.
their retirement is death. They are often seen as too dangerous. Lucky ones get to go home with their human partners.
Many military dogs go on to civilian law enforcement, then retiring to the home of their civilian handlers.

A little googling will show you that there are numerous agencies and organizations out there to facilitate the adoption of retired military dogs, as well as dogs that don't make the cut or don't end up in civilian LE use.

There are plenty more sites out there.

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There are many types of military dogs, attack dogs, drug dogs, search and rescue dogs, bomb squad dogs... I don't think any search and rescue dog would be thought of as too dangerous.
That's a shame! I hope they are given a peaceful retirement. :(
Yes, they are hundreds and thousands of sites out there including and and these wonderful dogs can now have a well-deserved retirement
Military working dogs can be adopted by civilians thanks to the passage of bill passed in 2000. The majority of military working dogs are trained for sniffing out explosives and drugs. I don't have 20 posts yet, so I am unable to provide a link, but you can google "Military Working Dog Adoptions" and find more information.
Good morning,

A great resource for these adoptable dogs can be found at the Hero Dog Awards website, under the Charity Partners tab. There is a long list of partners that may be of interest to you!

Have a great day!
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