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Remembering my boys today

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On what would have been their third birthday, today I am remembering my beautiful boys, Stanley and Russell. I know there are some on the forum who loved them, too, so I thought maybe I'd make this post with some highlights from their lives as a way for all of us to remember not just them, but all of our rats who have passed on. And, even more importantly, I want this thread to serve as a reminder of why rats are such amazing, loving, joyful companions.

His first baby picture:

He loved to eat. Anything and everything was a treat to him--including his brother's medications, if he was fast enough to grab the syringe!

He was an absolute camera ham, always posing for pictures!

He became well-known on many boards, but especially this one, for his hand modeling. Here he is showing off his beautiful pink hands for all the ladies.

He was always very photogenic:

Also incredibly humorous:

His first baby picture:

Russell was always very sweet and loved to play on my lap or right next to me. He was adorable, an absolute doll, and even though he was actually quite photo-shy, I was able to get a few great shots of him from time to time.

He loved his brother with all of his heart, and even though Stanley tried to be independent, Russell would never let him get too far away, especially at naptime.

He had a great, energetic spirit, despite being sick with chronic respiratory issues for most of his life. He loved to play!

Links to their memorial videos on youtube:

My boys brought me joy, laughter, and great happiness. Even now, four months after Stanley's passing and eight after Russell, I feel incredibly blessed to have had these two wonderful boys in my life for as long as I did. I still love them with all my heart, and today I will remember them with smiles and laughs for the goofy, smart, energetic, quirky little guys they were. I hope that their memory can help others to accept rats for the wonderful creatures they are. I know everyone who met them fell in love instantly with them, just like I did. :heart:
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I was feeling a bit morose today, but this has me smiling and d'awwing all over again. I love these boys and always will. You always got the best pictures of them. Stan the Hand. I love his waterbottle pic so very much. He look like a cartoon character. And Russell my shy, stunning boy. He never took a poor picture. Your sig picture of him makes me always want to skritch him under his cheek. And I so love the hammy picture with their noses poking out.

And the sock picture, and the last 'laundry basket' looking picture. Thanks for sharing this.
Omg, those pics were so cute. How can anyone not love thse little faces, or their little pink paws? Our Greyson always loved to sleep with her paws out front. I don't which one is my favorite. Do I have to chose?
Oh Breyer, how could I have forgotten?? Today is July 22nd. My boys and your boys, sharing a birthday. The serendipity of it blows my mind every time.

All four of our boys would have been 3 years old today.

Every single one of your photos of Russell and Stanley brought a huge smile to my face and a bit of wet eye. Just as Story said, I love your boys so much and I always will.

I think of them as part of our family of ratties, of course and they will never fade out of our memories. My sweet Russie and Stan the Man with the Fabulous Hands. Those pictures just melt my heart.

Also, I would be a very bad rat mommy if I did not contribute a photo of my kids on this very special day that they share with their cousins Russ and Stan.

My own special loves, Klausse and Wolfgang.... I miss you with all of my heart, my sweet sweet boys, every day.

Hugs and kisses to all FOUR of our boys on this day. I know you are all having so much fun together. :sneakyhug

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P.S. To Breyer on Sock Photo

You know Breyer, (although I love ALL of your pictures of both boys) that photo of Stanley in the middle of all those folded socks...something about his face snuggled right in the middle, and the look he has on his face is just the perfect picture of ratty contentment. I don't believe I have ever seen a better photo example of what a happy, content and blissful rat looks like. That picture is one for the ages. :approve:

(and just so he does not get jealous, I would probably also say that I never get over how Wolfgang looks in the famous "hot tub" photo with Daddy's hand resting on him and his brother. Wolfie's face, with that smile and that twinkle in his eye, always looked so darn HAPPY in that picture, don't you think?) :)
Thanks, everyone. :hugg2: And Vlad, I am so glad you posted that photo of your sweet boys, too! That was always my favorite one of them. :heart: They were so precious, and I know they are all having a blast together now. And I agree about the sock photo--there is just something about Stanley's face in that one--his little smile--that makes it one of my favorite photos I ever took of him. :)
Aww, thanks Breyer! It is good to see all those pictures and smiling about our boys. So much nicer of a feeling than being sad or crying, yes? And we know they are all having so much fun together, so that makes it wonderful too. :dream:
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