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Repetitive licking and drooling?

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hello folks, i have a 6 year old boxer and some morning's when i wake up to head off to work and let her out she will be constantly sticking her tongue out and licking the air and salavating pretty bad and swolling constantly and whenever this occurs she wants to head rite outside so i let her out and she dives rite into eating a bunch of grass, figured id let her do her thing snack on some grass see if that helps her stomach, when i bring her back inside she continues to try to eat stuff off the floor such as dirt/fuzz bunnies almost like she thinks its gunna help her stomach, has anyone else had this issue before?
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maybe she has a tooth infection just a thought, maybe bring her to the vet and have her checked out ? just a thought
How long has this been going on? Is this a regular habit, or is this something new? If this is something new, she may be getting into something in the house that is irritating her, or worse yet, poisoning her. Maybe she's eaten a spider, or something that is giving her an allergic reaction. I would suggest you take your dog to the vet for a check up.
Probably something bothers her on her mouth, check it out yourself first but if you nothing or something and continuously bothering her, take her to the vet.
Call the vet - she could be eating something poisinous to her.
It is a good idea to leave enough water for this dog at all times. I am also curious to see what the doctor says.. I would take him or her to a vet as you don't want to take any chances with an older dog.
I don't think OP is coming back. probably found a few forums and asked and didn't check up on it.
either way, one of my dogs did this often.
she had heartburn/indigestion.
switched her to a better dog food and it went right away
and gave her a few snacks during the day.
you can give previcid too
If OP didn't go to the vet, then why bother asking when that would probably be the answer that we would give, and a person with a hint of a brain would do anyway!
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