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Rescue Remedy

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climbing to the final rungs of the ladder here.

We finally got our hands on rescue remedy. It's been added to Coco's water every bowl for 2 days now. He cannot taste it but it doesn't seem to do much that way. So today another construction project began on the house and I couldn't leave him. Now I am missing school for it -_- Nobody was able to take him for a few days in my family so, so much for that idea. It would have been prolonging Coco's life I think.

This morning I doused a beef heart treat in Rescue remedy and tricked him into eating it. That didn't work and I ended up giving him 2 doses of Holistic Blend Herbal Calmer. Now he is asleep... For now.

:( How do you evaluate the quality of life for your best friend when they're fine some of the time and anxious and whiny and uncomfortable other times?
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I'm sorry for you and your dogs situation, I still don't enter in that situation but as owner and best friend, you should feel it yourself when it is time..
That's what I keep hearing, "You'll know" and it has become the hardest method of communication in my life. I am having a hard time evaluating his quality of life bc I know what sets him off and when and unless there is someone physically in the room with him he is beserk. Today I actually had to leave him and could not miss school (failed a test I missed heads up on on Monday btw) and the workers came and I did everything I could: valerian root, melatonin (those 2 pills are holistic calmer, to put to sleep) HB Natural Calmer which is another holistic liquid, Rescue Remedy= holistic, classical music and his diaper.

When I got home 4 hours later he was in a mindless trance digging blankets and barking. I usually have to touch him to break him out. Then I take him on a walk and he's fine. It seems the dope finally put him out AfTER I get home...
Has coco seen a behavior specialist? I know some parts of Small dog syndrome (which it is very possible for larger dogs to have) is that they will do off the wall things for your attention. Maybe he is going beserk because he gets your attention every time he does it. I imagine this plus anxiety could cause a trance digging.

I'm not sure. Could also be something as bad as abuse plus poor breeding but...meh. I don't like the idea of giving up. Do what you gotta do.
Dont give up intill u have tried everything u can! :)
Well, I have spoken to behaviorists and the vets about him. They didn't want to start something serious like prozac and I was showed how to correct the behavior. BUT coco is 14. He has arthritis and is losing control of his bladder (he has 2 diapers now) and his hearing/eyesight is failing. I know age is a factor here. Starting a system of expensive meds or training is not economical atm for us. I am but a poor student. Coco is a high maintenance dog and needs someone with him or else he breaks down and goes into his trances.

I feel better at the time present though because he is only bad some of the times. I don't think even Cesar Milan could get him out of his anxiety of being left alone.
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