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rescued turtle.

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I rescued a turtle from work that was in a fire. He is very small and I don't have the right stuff to set him up immediately. I am going to get a bulb today but I need to know how long I can keep him in 3 inches of water without a filter, and how the **** can I get him to eat....I tried tuna, pellets and a friend gave me blood worms...He looks like he feels terrible and I don't want to prolong suffering..any tips are helpful. I have even tried getting him somewhere that is turtle savvy and I haven't been able to find anywhere in my area..
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Depends on what kind of turtle he is, that I've read. There are herbivorous, omnivorous, and carnivorous turtles. You may be feeding him the wrong kinds of foods.
Post a picture if you can. Like Flickering Hope said, we can't add anything constructive until we know what kind of turtle it is.

I'd also like to add that he's probably not going to eat until he's in the right set-up. At least get the basking light and some form of UVB (even if it just means taking him outside, provided it's warm enough in your area).

Where are you located? If your aim is to eventually re-home him with someone turtle-savvy, it's possible that someone on here is in your area or knows someone who is :).
Best bet is to find out what kind of turtle you have and proper set up!! Like they said above. When I first got my RES Jabori he refused to eat for an unnaturally long time. He should have died but then he began to eat but it was so long ago I do not remember what it was. . Snails perhaps? Anyway, best of luck, any vet would be able to have a look over and maybe suggest someone who knows about them.
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