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Awe... Sweet sick nakey baby all warm and comfy in my shirt pocket dreaming little baby rat dreams ♥


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aww so cute i hope he gets better soon
Aww, what a sweet baby! A precious adorable. Poor Archie, I hope he gets better soon! He looks so comfy and warm in your pocket. Looks like he is already trusting you! Let us know if you can find his cagemate at the petstore?
So adorable! I hope he feels better soon!
Unfortunately I can't get him a cagemate. As much as I want to husband made it clear that would be a 'no!'.

On a plus side- (and probably not too smart of me since Archie has a cold) he and my guinea pig Oreo are becoming pals and happy to be together! It's the funniest thing. Oreo hops all around and 'purrs' (happy purr, not a threatening one) and Archie climbs on top of Oreo and lays next to him. So they get supervised visits 2-3 times/day for play time and companionship.
Our dog Sam loves him too but then he thinks anything is his baby and want to take care of it. Of course Archie is mouse-size so he mostly gets slobbered so visits are mostly restricted.
Our poor boy cat is thoroughly confused. lol He thinks, "I can go in the garage and hunt for mice but I can't hunt this one??" And other cat Lily runs away from him (Archie). lol Misha is too old to care anymore. lol
You are the second person on this forum who's husband/significant other has said NO to a second rat, and I am trying hard to understand why this is. What is your husband's reasoning for Archie not having a cagemate?? And why does your husband call the shots when it comes to your pets? 2 rats are the same as one and your husband "not allowing" Archie to have a companion is downright ignorant and cruel. Sorry but I am trying to comprehend this. Does your husband even care that despite play dates with your other pets, that Archie still has lots of time alone in his cage, with no company for grooming, snuggling, playing and bonding. I probably stepped over the line but I didn't know we were still in the dark ages when it comes to women letting their men tell them what to do.
I think you did step over the line with that last sentence.
I figured you would be the first to call me on that last one Dustette. But in any case, I promise to the forum I will not make any further comments on this topic as it just makes me see red and I open my mouth and out it comes. It is a button pusher for me and some others on the forum. So, nuff said. I won't comment anymore on this thread. Apologies to the forum moderator.
I understand what you are saying Vlad and what you said in your last sentence is not me at all. You have to understand our background in order to understand why ;)

We have been together for 21 yrs and in all those years, mostly in the latter 7, I have volunteered with a Great Pyrenese rescue and brought one home to "foster". She became a member of our family. I volunteered for a cat rescue and fostered 3 cats, one of which adopted my husband. I have also snuck in a kitten and convinced him to get me another kitten for my birthday. A few years ago we bought at parrot. A year later we got an even bigger parrot. I also 'rescue' escaped dogs in our neighborhood and either find homes for them or find their owners. That means they live with us for a day or more. One of them was a week after we moved into our newly built home. She had 13 puppies a week later. I found homes for all of them, keeping Sam.

He said ok to all of these because he wanted me to be happy.

It doesn't make him happy though.

He is more of an OCD type person and he feels like it is stressful for him to have so many animals. I grew up this way. He didn't. So... I have to compromise. Especially when I bring these animals home without talking to him about them. And yes, I was going to go back to Petco and get his cagemate w/o telling dh but I have to put my husband first this time, unfortunately at Archie's companion expense. I do hope that someday I can get a cagemate for him though....... Perhaps it would have been better not to adopt him period. I don't know. But I know we have lots of love and attention to share with him, and Oreo for that matter since GP's are social animals too. :)

It's ok for you to be frustrated Vlad. I totally understand. :) I've been that way too, but everyone's situation is different and I just have to remember that, even if I don't like it! ;)

Thank you for your advise! I really appreciate it and I'm learning A LOT!!
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I think it is completely respectable and mature of you to have talked it over with your husband about getting archie a friend. and even thou at the moment he says no to having a friend for archie , it doesnt mean later he will feel the same way. just give archie lots of time with you :) and out of the cage time,im sure he will love the attention.Congrads on the new cutie :)
Vlad I completely understand how you feel, and I think I just shouldn't have brought Louna home considering I knew my boyfriend does not particularly like animals and specially not rats.
I just think the last sentence was too much, I'm pretty sure anyone in a relationship makes compromises whether it be the number of pets, children, money spent on vacation, the type of cereal that you eat etc.
Just to say I'm not mad at you or anything, I completely understand. And it's one of the main reasons why I am not getting another rat, because I know I would have to take only one and I can't go through the guilt again.
I love hairless rats. I had two a few years ago. A male and female. I remember when I would let them out to play their skin would get really red and warm and they would get mad when I held them because they were too warm. Only downside to hairless rats is that they get scratches and such alot easier.
Still cute of course! And yours is adorable. :)
thanks :) Will he always have the peach fuzz fur on his body or will that fall off eventually?
Mine had peach fuzz on their faces but lost it everywhere else.
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