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Revolution purchased from, Canada
Have you tried to save money by ordering heartworm prevention medication from an online company in another country? If so, please read on. Learn from my mistakes. The risk is greater than you may think, both to your pet and to your pocket book!

I used Revolution, a heartworm, flea, tick, earmite, and assorted other worm on all three of my dogs, and in an effort to make it a little more affordable, I purchased it from, an internet company located in Canada. As there was no disclaimer on their site as to either the validity of the product or the fact that Pfizer will NOT stand behind this product if purchased on line, I felt safe ordering from them.

Since neither they nor Pfizer will stand behind the product, I feel that it is my duty to inform the public of this hazard! Please read this posting carefully as you and your pets could already be in jeopardy.

One of my dogs contracted heartworms in spite of having had Revolution applied to the skin every month. He tested negative in September, 2007, was treated with Revolution purchased from the veterinarian in October, November, and December, 2007. We began using Revolution purchased from in January, 2008. In November, 2008, Bandit tested positive for heartworms. supplied the Revolution for all three dogs and my cat.

When Bandit was diagnosed, Pfizer, the manufacturer of the product, declined to honor their guarantee for the product because it was purchased from an internet supplier, saying that although the box has their company name all over it, has their flier inside, and says it was manufactured in the United States, it is not their product. AUSTRALIA BE AWARE THAT PFIZER STATES: “That different regulations in different countries determine the quality of the product.” That statement stuck me as blatantly unfair to Australians and immediately asked if Australia doesn’t deserve to have product that is up to the standards of the U.S.A? At which point the woman backtracked and said that of course, Australia would be supplied viable product. BUT they would not stand by this product as Pfizer states it is a bogus product. purchased the product they shipped to me from, located in Australia. can’t produce any evidence that this product is actually a viable product and not a knock-off of the Pfizer brand. EITHER WAY. THIS IS A SCAM SO DO NOT BE TAKEN BY EITHER THE PRODUCT OR ORDERING YOUR PRODUCT ON LINE! THE SMALL AMOUNT YOU ARE “SAVING” IS NOT WORTH THE RISK! MY VET BILL WAS CLOSE TO $1000 ON THIS VERY SMALL DOG!

It appears that one of two things happened. Either purchased a bogus product which they sold to, or Pfizer sent an inferior product to Australia. says they purchased the product from Pfizer but refuses to produce proof of purchase.

So, did Pfizer send an inferior product to Australia? Did knowingly sell a bogus product? Or does Pfizer just use any measure to keep from having to honor their guarantee. The package plainly says :
Made in USA by Pfizer Inc. for:
Pfizer Animal Health Group
A division of
Pfizer Pty. Limited
38-42 Wharf Road,
West Ryde. NSW 2114
Batch: AOJUD2
Expiry: 09 2010
NRA Approval Number: 50882/1003
So, if you value you pet and really want to control heartworms, then don’t use this product and DO NOT order from an internet company, unless that company is willing to give you a written guarantee for the product.

Bandit survived, thanks to good care from my vet.

Ann Sciba, Texas. [email protected]

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