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RIP George III

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George had to be put down early this afternoon. His eye had matted over and the vet looked at the lump on his cheek and told me what I knew but didn't want to hear...cancer..tumor.

I was told he may have had a few weeks of life left if he were lucky and he admitted that the likelihood of antibiotics working was slim to none. I thought about trying but the chances were too bad and I just couldn't bring myself to let him suffer any longer than he already had especially after watching my mom suffer and eventually die from a tumor...also in her jaw. (George's death is a double whammy for me because it's the same thing as my's like my life is a sick, cruel joke).

RIP George and say hi to mom. You were one crazy lil bugger! I'd never seen a hamster with such upper body strength doing the monkey bars for such long periods of time on the bars at the top of your cage. The way you found ways to get out of your cage until we put you in an aquarium home will be a fond memory as well..I don't know how you got into our neighbors apartment but I'm glad she brought you back to me. The cats will miss watching you and I'll miss watching you tease them. I love you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved little George. It was very brave and loving of you to let him go and spare him any suffering.
I'm sorry for your loss. :( He sure sounds like he was an adventurous little guy. I'm sure he's having all sorts of crazy fun over the rainbow bridge, I have few troublesome hamsters over there that I'm sure he will get along great with!
I'd like to think he's happy and chillin' with all the coolest hamsters up there lol. I just found out it's illegal to bury my hamster (some bs about polluting!) I don't know what to do because I don't want to throw him in the trash...the thought's disgusting to me to think of doing that to my sweetheart.
Really?! That's weird. You could have him cremated I guess.
Aw, sorry about the little guy. Memories will be fond to visit you. I still think about my Button and Puff making all sorts of heck up on the Bridge for my only ever female Cuddles. They're all waiting now.

**It's illegal to bury animals here too but Button lies under the tree in my old backyard. All my pets have been buried in some illegal sptt. We've been doing it forever. My cat Dusti is buried next to a graveyard in a small community in NL. And a lot of our old mice and rats are buried in an old field where we can trek anytime we like :) Trick is finding a good place and the right time when no tattle tales are about. Then it will remain yours and George's secret place. Bless.
Last night my friends held a memorial for George and we buried him between two trees in their back yard. My friend burnt a little sachet of sage to purify his soul too. It was a wonderful send off and it was so touching how my friends were there for me and George. It's a beautiful spot and I couldn't have imagined a better memorial :)
Aww that's wonderful of them to know how important George was :)
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