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Ruckus and Chance (sheltie, BC)

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Here is Chance! He is a 3 yr old rescue BC. He is wild and crazy all of the time, but I love it! If i didnt, I sure wouldnt had gotten a Border Collie!

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And here is Ruckus. Some of you may already know him

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Ruckus is a BIG boy. 19 inches and 37lbs.
He is full blooded, but he is nearly the size of a collie. His parents are show dogs.
Awww cute. Don't you just love shelties?
For the most part yes. I honestly dont think I will ever have another though! cute! I remember Ruckus! I remember when you first got him! They are both cute.Two breeds I find really adorable,but would never own myself.
you can have both of mine!!!!
I love and adore them, but I dont want either breed ever again.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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