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Rue Photos!

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Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been real busy. I hope to change that with more activity. I decided to come back with a few photos of my rattie, Rue.

And finally one with me in it. Excuse my face, no makeup. And I'm making a silly face.

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Aww, Rue is just gorgeous! What a sweet face!! The photos are just adorable, and yes, so is the one with you making the funny face, it was great! :D

Does Rue have a buddy rat to keep him company?
Thank you! :dopey:

Not yet. I might be getting another rat for my birthday, which is next month. I told my aunt that he needed a cagemate, so my aunt said I could get him one for my birthday, since I'm not doing very well mentally, she thought it would be best if we waited a little bit so my mental health could have a chance to improve before another living thing was handed into my care. Right now I'm in a psych ward while my grandma takes care of Rue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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