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I recently got a job at a local museum that houses a live animal collection. We have a Russian tortoise who is around 13 years old (we think).
When I first started she was eating >20g of greens/veggies a day, with a small snack in the evenings.
Within a month of me starting in August she started digging and hiding quite a bit.
(Note: I did change her set up from a glass tank to a 150gal Rubbermaid tub with 1.5 feet of substrate for her to dig in, as well as hay. So digging was not an option until then).
Her activity level and appetite decreased. She was being fed 10-15g of food daily and wouldn't eat all of it.
I am thinking maybe she sensed that it was winter and that's why her activity level decreased?
Just the last few days however, she has become SO active! Always walking around, digging, and mostly trying to climb inside her house or on the walls.
Her feces also look more green and slightly soft. (I am wondering if this is due to her finally eating some of the live plants I have in there for her - a Russian tortoise seed mix).
The temps outside here in Alaska have been pretty warm the last week. But temps inside remain consistent.
Any ideas? Is this normal tortoise behavior?
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