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Safe Foods for the Dog??

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I currently own a 15-20pound Manchester Terrier, Chihuahua mix... she is a little over 2years old and she is a spayed female. My dog has no allergies or health problems other than her "laxating patella," i think it's called.
I want to start her on a more healthy diet as currently my parents have her on Purina Dog Chow... which is a VERY low-rated dog food and very unhealthy for her I know. I know it is very difficult to find a quality dog food brand that is not completely expensive, but i would like to try, as i will be paying for half of the price of the dog food. I know that quality dog food results in the dog eating less due to the fact that it fills them up more, so don't give me the whole speech about quality please. I am aware of all that.
So i live in a small town in Nebraska and my family doesn't go to bigger towns.... we have a vet clinic, Wal-Greens, and Wal-Mart that we can get dog food from... no actual pet stores... we could TRY ordering online but that is a last resort....
I was thinking about starting her on one of these diets...
-Blue Buffalo Basics
(Turkey and Potato)
(Salmon and Potato)
(Small Breed Turkey and Potato)
-Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul
(Adult Light)
(Wholesome Lamb Recipe
(Adult Wholesome Chicken Recipe)
(Wholesome Chicken Small Breed Recipe)
(Adult Small Bites)
(Meat Small Bites)

from what i have read from the ingredients list and other ratings... those are good brands and i can easily get them here... so... are the safe? do they have few recalls? are they healthy?
my dad always throws it in my face that Purina NEVER has recalls so it is therefore "safest for the dog-" not true... but i haven't ever heard it get a recall when other brands do... i don't want to risk my dog's life... so what should i do?
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Go to and type in the brand of food in question. There's also the Dog Food Advisor

As far as purchasing online, we get our cat food from here
If you want a safe, healthy dog good, listen to your dad. Most recalls involve canned food,major brands and specialty not major brands of kibbles. I have the much the same experience as your dad. I have fed Pro Plan chicken and rice dry kibble for over 15 years with never a recall. I have a source that would email me or call me if there was.

Most internet discussions of dog food feature discussions of ingredients, not nutrients. You seldom see links to Alternative proteins in--.pdf grains

So if safety is important, stick to the well proven Purina.
Commercial dog foods may contain preservatives that are altered by chemical processes and might to harmful for dogs. They can also contain anything that do not contribute to your pet's health.
I guess every dog should be feed with proper food. This will help them to grow properly, but yeah one should also keep in mind that they should not be over dosed with their food. Other wise this will result in growing them like a pig. keep them away from chocolates.
Your father is wrong that Purina never gets recalls.

And there are never ending complaints, that are never addressed by Purina:

The foods you listed in your first post are all a much better choice for your dog.

Purina is big business and does not care about your pet. It's wonderful that you want to feed your beloved dog better and are willing to use your own money to do it. Lucky dog!
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Sure, I would never call dry or canned pet food safe. The best solution for feeding dogs is homemade food. It's healthier and more useful.
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