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On March 29, XuZhiHua CEO news horse last night the government ended at "a CCTV, he says,
is the goal of the horse future all over the world famous sports brand, but in the
process also need a lot of capital.
XuZhiHua: enterprise is always short of money, and the key is you how big of the
enterprise, the current stage for horse g terms, we hope the horse g to create a
reputation all over the world have the movement of the brand, so we in the unceasing
development process, or need a lot of capital.
At the same time, XuZhiHua revealed that the pursuit of horse g is a kind of long-term
returns, for real estate and financial industry is interested in.
XuZhiHua: as entrepreneurs or called businessman, to investment which industry, facing
some short time return some of the industry more, no mind is not possible, the key is to
say we know to his present clear this business is very has the future, and difficult
mission, the important thing is we also have a good return. Although do real estate, or
do financial one-off feels very good, but we the return it is a long-term, can even speak
is children on the business can, so to our speaking is not only a short-term returns, it
is a long-term returns, not only is a return to the personal, more of a family or long-
term returns, so we will be more focused on their own industry.
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