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I, like the rest of you, am an animal lover.
During my younger years I was consistantly finding some sort of temperary pet (frog and toad tadpoles being a big one) to play with. I started out growing up with four cats and a dog.
The only pet left from that group is my cat Sydney (who is currently my icon). To explain this, my family found her and her two littermates in a box in our previous house's garage when I was three. I am now sixteen, she 13, and besides being blind in one eye she's doing great! For the past four years now my family also has two Tonkinese cats named Krystal and Kera.

I have yet to get a job (I'm hoping to get one as a horse barn hand- I really want to get a horse, but I can't afford one without a job; perhaps if I get good connections at a barn I can trade board for work), so I haven't been able to get any real expensive pets. My zeal of having animal friends then lead me to the path I could take- SMALL RODENTS.

Over the past six years I've owned guinea pigs (only two) and hamsters mainly (usually having three different pets at a time), and at the moment I have a Russian Dwarf hamster *Pavlina*, a beta fish *Buh-Buah*, and currently 17 mice. (I bought the two mothers *Sesame and Millet* three weeks ago- my attempt at getting some of the youngest I could there in order to avoid pregnancy was a faliure.... Despite this, I'm still very pyched about my little mice family. By the way, I will not allow any of these mice to become feeder mice- I just get way too attached man.... Hopefully I'll still get a few (Responsibe) friends or teachers to take a pair each.) I must say, the change from Hamsters to Mice is some what refeshing- if it were two hamsters that got pregnant, I'd be a gonner.... There would be no way I'd buy 17 seperate cages for them all!
I conclude with saying that I hope I have a good time here!

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