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  After we got a victory from a small battle and got some Guild Wars 2 gold, we decided to take a detour and tried to avoid the stronghold of the White Mantle in order to save time. But soon after that, we saw an amazing scene: a lot of zombies appeared in the Lake town, and at the same time we turned out that here was not so peaceful like we imagined before. In this way, we have another surge of enemies to deal with, and the things also became more difficult.
  After took part in several fights for Guild Wars 2 gold along the way,Guild Wars 2 Gold, we finally came to the shrine. It was said that here was the place to store the Scepter of Orr. Here, we find the guarder Denas of the Scepter of Orr in legendary. After he got to know the reason why we came here, he agreed to give the Scepter of Orr to us. However, he has stressed repeatedly that the Scepter of Orr had powerful and horrible force like the magic Guild Wars 2 gold, which could even be able to influence the future of the entire world. So we needed to guarantee that Scepter of Orr would not be taken by someone with the evil thoughts. Otherwise the world would fall into disaster.
  We couldn't understand why he was so worried; because we could not imagine how great impact this Scepter of Orr could make on this world. But on the surface, we still demonstrated enough sincerity. Then he gave this scepter to us, and showed a way to leave the lake town for us. In fact, this road really gave us a great favor. Because when we just left this shrine with the Scepter of Orr, we encountered with a large number of pursuers from the White Mantle Association. Obviously, our actions were no longer secret, they found our trail, and decided to wipe out all of us. They were a large number of soldiers with Guild Wars 2 gold and apparently, it was very dangerous for us to fight against them,cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold, so we retreated immediately.
  Along the way, we made retreat while fighting with the enemies until came to a suspension bridge. When we went crossed here, we entered into the secure area, but the White Mantle Association has already arranged some troops to intercept us here.
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