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scratchy mouse

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Hi everyone.

I have a mouse who's nearly two years old and recently she has been scratching loads, enough that she now has a bald head and it looks very sore. I have just got back from the vets where she got a mite treatment and I have to take her back for two more doses.

The vet said it probably won't have enough of an effect to stop her scratching until after the second dose which is two weeks away. I'm worried that if she keeps scratching like this for another fortnight she is going to shred her head up! The vet did give her a shot of steroids to try and reduce the irritation but that won't last long.

I was wondering if there is any human anti-itch product that would be safe to put on her? I tried asking the vet and she said mice are too small and it would be dangerous. I get her point completely, but I can't bear to see Penfold scratching like this it is making her and me miserable :(

Thought I would ask here as if anyone would know it would be other mouse owners. Is there anything I can do to make her less itchy? She is really old and all on her own now my other mice all died and I just want her last few weeks/months to be comfortable.

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You might try some stuff called Calendula gel. It's made from marigold flowers, which are edible (not that I would eat them, lol). My vet once told me to use some on a scrape my rat had over his eye. I picked some up at the grocery store. It's a clear gel that is soothing to cuts, burns, and bites. Obviously you should use a VERY small amount.

Good luck!
thanks for the tip :)

She actually seems a bit better already, although the top of her head is totally bald and quite pink. I guess the mite treatment which the vet put directly on the bald spot may be having a bit of an effect already.

I did read on a few sites that mice and rats can develop food sensitivities if their diet contains lots of seeds and nuts (even though the vet was adamant that wouldn't happen). Her diet did have a lot of seeds in it as I can't get mouse food anywhere so she's been on hamster mix. I have switched her onto boiled brown rice now as I saw that suggestion on a website where someone else's mouse had got an allergy. I don't know if it will make any difference to her scratching but she loves the rice! She was starting to get thin recently as she's getting old now but in the two days since she's been on the rice she's started looking a bit plumper again because she loves it, lol. As long as she's happy.
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