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Sculpty Rats

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Been playing with sculpty clay. My first two attempts.

Both together.

Size reference.

My sweet hairless. I ran out of the correct color sculpty clay, so he's just a limbless plushie.

But I gave him ickle ratty teefies.

The hairy one was my first attempt. Meh. Kinda cute. I like his feets and paws.
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they are sooo awsome!
Adorable!! I've got some sculpey around here that I've been wanting to turn into a rat, too... one of these days I'll hopefully get around to it! :lol:
Those are awesome Story! They have toofers and bellies and everything! And I love the dumbo ears. Awww, so cute!!
WANT!! OMG that nakie is to die for!!!
The little grey dumbo was okay, but so many things could have been done better.

I love the trollish fug-ee ness of the hairless, with its uneven wrinklyness. So much character. I really like working on ugly cute figurines. That may be the direction I go.

Once I use up all the 'sampler' packs of clay I purchased for learning, I'll move on to the more professional quality clay that's easier to work with and limit it to certain colors.

I'd like to get a style worked out and eventually start selling them. Right now though, it's a learning process.

I'm trying to work out a way to sculpt hands and feet that will allow me to make them all pointy and clawed without losing structural strength. If not, I'll move into a more cartoony direction and give them stubby mickey mouse paws. I'm also going to look into a glaze to coat and make them shiny.
Honestly, I love the cartoon feel to these guys! I'd keep sculpting hands/feet with that in mind, because they are seriously so adorable!!!
I tend to prefer the cartoony personalities too. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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