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As outlined by Hong Kong's Ming pao reported that Chinese flavor [1.02-15.00%] (3318) earlier transfer executive director for that WangMingYou with tung, is the king and also the board of directors and no disagreement between your original of oakley sunglass "newspaper JiaAn", this company announced yesterday, knockoff oakleys WangMingYou and brother and company hold WangMingJun dong, has written to your stock trading game, claiming that the transfer happens because which the board of directors in the WangMingYou are investigating company account, as well as the two men or will transfer WangMingYou's a lawsuit. China's essence counters, relocation is because WangMingYou earlier strong rob branch seals, more injury and employees. Stock resumption of today.

Chinese flavor (HK: 03318) the most Oakley Antix Sunglasses recent price: knockoff oakley sunglasses 1.02 0.18 15% market trends

Company news

Big line rating "opinion no differences" original "newspaper JiaAn"

China's essence this month 16 days the personnel changes announced, notice of WangMingYou "confirmation and also the board of directors with out disagreement between". Even so the stock on 23 April began trading yesterday, as well as trigger "domestic", clarify each side now have differences.

The board of directors this month 20 days, has brought WangMingYou and WangMingJun legal advisor of a two copies of letters, original have deliver to trading stocks. Two people in correspondence says, relocation is because this company mainly to wang Ming superior subsidiary company shenzhen bolton internal control deficiency and transparency with the funds for review be attributable to, wholesale Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses oakley sunglasses especially WangMingYou another brother, company hold WangMingFan dong, the shenzhen bolton's accounts simply have control, is operating inappropriate behavior.

China's essence is obvious, shenzhen bolton's accounts will be based upon shenzhen bolton a couple of internal control program control, the shenzhen bolton formally signed about management, greater than 3 million yuan RMB for virtually any costs must be obtained shenzhen bolton for the board of directors of the WangMingYou approval.

The board of directors to go into detail, wholesale oakleys is not seen to WangMingYou survey company account, the actual root cause of the transfer is wang Ming greater than July 2 robbery shenzhen bolton seal, more injury and shenzhen bolton a member of staff and events to your public security of the People's Republic of China gets the url. Even though the company requests to WangMingYou returned seals, but to date, oakley sale the seal will not be returned if you interes the article @@boone0591
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