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Seperating a Male Degu from Females

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A degu we bought at the age of 6 weeks is now 11 weeks and the woman left us some instructions on when to check his sex and when to seperate if he is male.

It's approaching that date and he is male.

We aren't able to get him neutered yet, so we wanted to seperate him before we found a vet and have some money together (we're moving house at the moment, so money is tight).

I've uploaded some pictures of our cage, as you can see it's very large. Our 11 new borns (that will be around 1 week old) are all snuggled at the bottom with mum and two other female degu's.

Since the babies have been moved from the top floor to the bottom (something which the mothers did earlier today) they all spend the majority of their time down there.

My question is, until we get this vet and money sorted, could we keep the 11 week old on the top floor? It's going to realistically be until the end of September, and even though he would be alone, he has lots of attention from us and loves a run around in his ball too, so he would be very active.

We have a safe way of blocking the exit (a cooling slab that we use sometimes to seperate them when cleaning).

Or would it be easier, and calmer, for the Degu to buy a smaller temporary cage? The problem with that is finding one, as I said, money is tight. I've had a look on Craigslist and pre-loved, and unfortunately no cages are being given away - at least not with more degu's included. And I think 15 is our limit.

He is very hyper since his mother and sister gave birth, I know they are most fertile at these times, and so I think that coupled with the smell of that and the fact that he's growing up is confusing him!

So, any suggestions on whether seperating them cage wise is best...or a different cage completely?


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i wuldn't usually reply to a post like this as ive never had baby goos before. but i think you should seperate him in the cage with the cooling slab and interact with him every day(hold him, give him lots of love and attention and watch out, if he is acting up you can buy mesh at any hardware store and temporarily make a small cage incase this happens again (like when the babys grow up) by the way you can sex them instantly and they start breeding at 8-9 weeks. until you can get another cage you are gonna have to make do. hope i helped :)
I think just keeping him on the upper level of the cage will be fine until you've sorted things out. When the babies are 6-8 weeks old (they can be separated from mom at 6 weeks, and are usually easily introduced to an adult before 8 weeks), determine who are males and put them in with their father after an intro on neutral territory.

When I found out that one of my four 'females' was male and that all three of the actual females were pregnant, I had to separate him from the others. He spent a couple of months on his own in a smaller cage; it being next to the others' cage I think helped. However, he was so, so happy when he was finally moved into a large four-level cage and then have his four sons join him.
We don't have the father unfortunately, the woman we got him from appeared to be a breeder (one that I am now very unimpressed with, as she has bred the mother 3 times in one year, that we know of, there may be more).

Do you think having a water bowl for him now will be okay? I know some websites suggest against it, but it would be temporary.
A water bowl is fine as long as you keep an eye on it and change the water as soon as it gets soiled. Use something small and heavy so that it doesn't get kicked over easily. I've given water to my degus in a bowl when their water bottles leaked or got stuck. They enjoy drinking from a bowl. However, they inevitably kick litter and hay into it so it can get skanky really quickly.
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