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As I mentioned last week, after changing up my 4 indoor bunnies cages and scrubbing it all down- we discovered our 7 month old Flemish Giant was not a female as we were told, it's a male! Which leads to my major issue/question.

Up till last week,my flemish giant shared a split extra large dog cage with our neutered male Victor... we had issues with him pooping outside of his litter box and pushing it across to the other bunny's side so he had to lay in it. He also had spraying issues where the wall was getting marked up pretty bad behind his side, and some on the other bunny's side- so I had to put cardboard up to protect the wall. (and ocassionally he peed on the other bunny turning his white fur yellow)

WEll, since last week when we gave our flemish giant out the whole cage to lounge in, his behavior has turned majorly bad. He has totally stopped pooping in his litter box. He only poops in his cage. And peeing- for a few days he was going somewhat in his litterbox, but now he only pees/sprays outside of it. And the cardboard we have down protecting the wall is getting severely marked more on the side where our other rabbit was and across and behind the cage of our grumpy 6 yr old spayed female's cage which we moved next to him. He is also leaving big puddles in his cage. Hence, all the cleaning we did last week is now undone plus a lot more. It still gets worse....last night when I was vaccuuming and wiping down all the cages, mr flemish giant barged out and started running all over the upstairs leaving his giant poop pellets EVERYWHERE. And when my oldest son tried chasing him back in his cage he stomped his foot and then sprayed pee all over him as he ran away. Same repeat with my son then me as I tried to round him up. Waist down- I had pee running down me along with the carpet and surrounding cages.
I know its major marking issues. And I know its also from him being in his crazy teenager years as all our bunnies went through it bad. But never like this! We also have a little holland lop that is un neutered but he never does anything like this, or any other past bunnies before fixing. I know getting him fixed is needed but i am worried it wont correct his problems. I really love bunnies and I spoil mine like crazy- but if this is how hes going to be the rest of his life, I just wont be able to keep up b/c my 10 month old is near crawling and I cant always be cleaning up after him.... plus I need it clean for my little girl who adores the bunnies....she gravitates right to them.
Do you think its neurtering issues? Teenage years? Just his personality? Change of cages (maybe split the cage with the other male again...but it was soooo dirty for my other bunny), or maybe its the female next to him. I usually am very knowledgeable about bunnies but this time I dont know. Im at a loss. Please help.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Nuetering should help the problem a LOT, and hopefully eliminate it. Although Smudge never sprayed me, he used to be like that and so was our other intact male, and it was even worse when they were in contact with eachother. I've never had a problem with spraying or marking since he was fixed. This is pretty typical behavior for any intact hormonal male, and at 7 months he is plenty old enough for neutering!

If you can keep him in his own room with out any other rabbits, that will help a lot too since he won't feel as strong of a need to mark his territory. Smelling 3 other rabbits is probably driving him insane right now.
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