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So, the boys are doing pretty well for themselves. However, just the other day I noticed that Carl's hair is thinning a bit on the top half of his body. If I were able to keep him still long enough to get a good photo of it, I would - he's got white fur, and you can see pretty clearly where it's thinner, almost perfectly horizontally. It's not patchy or anything though, and seems pretty level. Since we've had a weird season this year and only just now started getting warmer weather, could he be shedding an undercoat? He and the others eat both pellet food (which they love) and a blend (mostly picking out the sunflower seeds and other goodies from the smaller seeds), as well as occasional treats such as greens, carrots, and for training they get yogies and little tiny bits of peanut butter from my fingertips, so I don't think it's a nutritional problem.
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