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should i be concerned?

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Hello all first time poster and pet owner. So some quick back story, was at the pet store with my lady and we saw a feeder mouse (female) running in circles in the cage. It did/does have the ability to go straight so I know it doesn't have an ear infection. The other females seemed to be nipping at it constantly so i figured i would "save it." Besides it was definitely one of the most bad *** mice i had seen. When i say this thing spins i mean like turbo speed sometimes. It will even start making circles in a circle its quite amazing to watch. But to make a long story short after bringing her home she still does the same thing. I'm not really upset as that was sorta the reason I got her. However having grown very attached after having her for a week, I started doing some reading and discovered it could be because she's still stressed due to being alone. I've been playing with her for about 2 hours a day. And have already gained her trust enough to where she will willinglycimb into my hand even if I don't have a treat. She's eating normally and very active but would rather run circles around the mouse wheel than get on it. Iiterally have no experience with animals
But she seems happy? Am I missing something about
The female mice not liking being alone? Should i be concerned as to her running in circles?
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female mice enjoy being in groups so a partner would definetly be a good idea of the same gender.
Agreed with Nibbler. Female mice need companionship so a friend for your sweet girl would be very good for her. Even though it is great that you spend a couple of hours a day with her out of her house, there are long hours when she is alone in her mouse house where she can get very lonely. Could you adopt a girlfriend for her so she has company? By the way, it was very cool that you adopted this girl...I don't blame you!...I would hate seeing a single mouse or rat being picked on by others and it would be impossible not to want to take them out of that situation! And you probably saved her from becoming snake food. I hate the thought of that!
Her running in circles could be many things. It isn't even all that uncommon to have a circling mouse if searches on the disorder are any indication.

It could still very much be an inner ear infection. Only a vet will know for sure, and only a vet could treat it.

It could also be a neurological problem stemming from any number of things from stroke to genetics. These are harder to treat and often can't be treated. Again, a vet might be able to tell you better, but while ethically it's best to take her in just to rule it out, if it were me, I'd be less likely for a neurological issue if it were my mouse. (Others will disagree with me, and may even have more specific knowledge that would back them up that I just don't have). If the mouse is getting around well and eating/drinking and seems to be getting quality of life otherwise, I'd lean towards not taking her. I would for an inner ear infection though.

It could also be a psychological issue stemming from past trauma or perhaps even neurosis caused by lack of enriching environment and boredom.

Take her to the vet to rule out an infection, and if your willing, to pinpoint if it's something like a stroke or such.

Otherwise continue on the path you're doing, feeding her healthy foods, providing her a safe enriching environment with a wheel, lots of tunnels and hidey holes, and treats to find. I also agree that female mice do better if they have a companion. If she's young, she'll probably become friends with another female with little to no 'intros'. The older she or the other female is when they meet each other for the first time, the more important it is to have them meet in neutral territory as they become more territorial of their space as they mature. At least that's been my experience.

Good luck with everything!
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