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Should I wait to litter train?

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I have a 4 year old female rabbit that is not litter trained and not spayed. I’m planning on spaying her in January. My question it do you think it would just be easiest to wait to try to litter train her (again) until after she’s spayed? I know it’s hard to train an unsprayed rabbit. So I just figured it would probably just be easier to wait.

What are other people’s opinions on this?

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Also, I have tried training her before and she will literally not go in her litter pan until her cage is full. I got her from my cousin/bff and she was litter trained, but now that she's with me and can smell my other rabbit she will not go in her litter pan. So it's more of a hormonal thing I believe.

This time training her, I'm going to take all her bedding out except in her litter pan. But I just don't know what she will do if I start right now. Will she poop/pee outside her litter pan and make a huge mess or will she go in her litter? [that was a rhetorical question :)] I just don't know.
id suggest waiting till shes spayed if shes going through the teenage phase its when there the worst to littrebox train because of there hormons, and like humain teenagers they go through i guess you can say the rebel phase .
You already tried. It's pretty pointless IMHE/O I had an unspayed rabbit and she was pretty good most of the time with her pee but the poops would be everywhere. And on her blankets she peed and it was impossible to control it.
It might take a while for her incision to heal (2 weeks for the glue to dissolve I think) so in that time you shouldn't have her on hard litter anyway. I used carefresh while Acacia was healing.. Or plain newspaper. One of them. And since it was a temporary litter just for the surgery I didn't mind where she went. After that she always stayed in her litter box, no matter the substrate.
So don't worry too much about it now. Leave a pan in there and feed her hey in it. Sweep up her poops and put them in the box and wipe up the pee. Nothing much else you can do until she is ready to learn on her own (after her hormones are taken away!!)
Good luck!
My opinion is that it wouldn't hurt anything to start working on it now, but you probably shouldn't expect any amazing results until after she is spayed and her hormones have time to die down.

I mean it's not like litter box training a rabbit is usually that intense of a process. All I had to do to litter box train my fixed rabbits was to put hay in their litter box and if they had any accidents I'd clean the poo off the floor and drop it in the box, and whip up any urine. Not a big deal. It's not really an intense training process like it can be with, say, a dog.

The only way to find out what she'll do is to try it and see. If she's really bad and makes a huge mess then it's not a big deal to put the litter back in the cage and wait to try again.
It couldn't hurt to try. :) You can use newspaper on the floor, so it can easily be changed out when she has an accident.

Before Smudge was fixed I had him semi-litter trained... He would poop outside of his litter box, but he always peed in it! It was better than nothing LOL. So there's hope.
Well I started with the litter training. And it's going pretty good. She gets about half in the litter pan and half outside. :) But she always pees in the litter pan. So that makes it easier to scoop up the poop and put it in her litter pan. :)
oh yes, peeing everytime in the box is a good sign!! Once she's spayed she'll probably put al her poops in there too. She's only leaving them out for territorial reasons :) such wonderful news!
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