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They're cute...

I don't think they would make very good pets though. They have a very very high metabolic rate, and need to eat constintly when not sleeping. They can litterally starve to death within a few hours without food. They eat insects, and things such as worms, snails, young mice, and sometimes even other shews. You would have to provide them with a constant supply of these types of food. Even if you did keep food with them constintly, they have very short lifespans. Some species don't usually live to be a year old, some can live up to 2.

Also, they live underground and live in tunnels where they find their food - they only come up from their tunnels occasionally. You would need to provide them with dirt to make tunnels because they get stressed out being out in the open. You would probably very rarly see them because they would always be underground.

Shrews are also pretty aggressive and in the wild will attack animals much larger then they are. Some species do inject toxins when they bite. You shouldn't ever pick up shews because their bites can be very painful and the pain can last for several days (due to the toxins).

And in case your wondering how the heck I know so much about shrews, I did a trapping inventory last summer so we put all kinds of traps out (including traps made to catch shrews, mice, and moles) to catch the wildlife to get a better idea what lived in the area and how many. We had to check the small shrew traps a billion times a day because if you don't release them quickly they will starve to death, or become overly stressed out and die. Also, we had to use a special kind of trap that was fully enclosed on all sides (no wires) because they don't like being out in the sun.
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