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Guess what!!! :D I am getting a shrew!!! Any advice? :tyvm:
I wouldn't advise getting into caring for shrews unless you're really committed to caring for them. They're a fair bit of work.

First off, there are people out there who raise shrews. I started out with mice, then voles, and now I'm into shrews.

The number one thing is to provide them with an endless supply of food, otherwise they'll die. If you're not prepared to do that, don't trying keeping one.

To start with, you should be raising earthworms and mealworms. If you're into aquariums and know how to raise tubifex worms, add that to your list. You should also be raising crickets- either the brown variety commonly used as feeders or one of your local varieties. Raising slugs and small snails is a good idea too.

You see where this is going? We're talking a lot of work here, and the dedication to seeing it through.

Most of the shrew varieties I'm familiar with live 3 years, and more in captivity. There are short-lived varieties, but like short-lived voles, I stay away from them and would advise you to do the same. Meadow voles live only three months, so I raise red-backed voles, which live 2 years, and more in captivity.

Shrews will also eat dried and wet cat-food. They'll eat pepperoni, too, but just give them a little as a treat now and then. Same with a bit of hamburger. They will eat a bit of green matter, so it doesn't hurt to give them a small bit of mixed bird seed, or canary seed. In any case, change their food often, and don't let any meat get too old, or your shrew may become sick.
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