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Sick degu

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Hi everyone,
I'm really worried about my degu. It's a male of about 2 and a half years.
Back in April, my mom told me he had a problem with his eye, a white discharge. (I'm at university in another city, my mom take care of him) She wasn't worried because it wasn't a recurrent problem. When I came back home, I noticed also white discharge from in left eye, also this eye was smaller than the other one.. I took a appointement at the vet but he was doing fine after a couple of days so I cancelled it. But after a week it had worsened so I took him to the vet. My little boy didn't like that at all ahah. The vet trimmed his teeth and gave him some meds... Don't remember the name. After a lot of dollars, I took him home. I didn't see much improvement and she gave me some drop for his eye. Then, he started to like.. sneezing. Just a little. The vet didn't seem to be worried about that but I'm a mom to my degu so I was worried!! The time passed by and I leave for the university again, leaving my degu behind.. My mom then told me that he had really stuffed nose and had trouble breathing because of that!!! And again, white discharge in his left eye. She took him to another vet, who said his nose was totally stuffed up (no kidding) and said that the white discharge is coming from his nose! She gave us Baytril (and he gave him a bite..ahah poor baby, don't like the vet at all) and said to put water into his nose... Yeah like it's easy to do! My degu love to move and don't like to be «squeeze».. He doesn't bite me but still I can't see he hate that!! My mom said that he's really better but i'm still worried.. He's rubbing his nose often and he sneeze... Again white discharge in his eye. Sound like he want to blow his nose real bad but he can't...
Is it just a sign that his nose is starting to clear up??
Also, when I weighted him this summer, he was a 200g. The vet (one on october) said he was 150g!! =O I know degu «can't» loose weight.
The vet said maybe his stuffed nose was so uncomfortable that he didn't want to eat. My mom bought him some pellets from OxBow and veggie treats... He eat like a pig now and gain some weight, he is at 180g.. So Im glad about that but I still worry about his stuffy nose. Poor baby I want him to be comfortable and clearly he is not at the moment!
Do you have any advice? I don't want to go back to the vet because it cost a lot of money.. I'll go back of course if I don't have any choice but..
Oh and we put aspen in his cage ^^
PS. If you read all this you are my idol ahahah
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When did he start getting the Baytril and how long was it prescribed for? What bedding do you use?
He started the 15th of October for 7-10 days. The vet called back and prescribed some more for another week.
For bedding we use aspen!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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