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sick hampster

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i have a hampster and i am also lookin affter one for a friend they were runnin around in there balls today and whilst i was in the other room one of then appered to have thrown up o-o and im not sure wich one they both acted as normal affter i put them back in there cages eating and drinking im not sure what to think of this o-o any ideas anyone ?:confused:
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ha, are you sure it was throw up, and not just food he/she had stored in his/her cheeks?

Sometimes when hamsters find a nice little spot (even in a ball or their wheel), they sometimes unload some seeds and food they stored in their pouches, and eat some.

Sometimes you can visibly see that the hamster has stored a lot of food in their cheeks, and sometimes it's harder to tell.

It's a natural behavior for hamsters to store food this way and I've had this happen as well.
It's hamster. And they shouldn't run in those balls for any longer than 10 minutes a day. I agree, probably cheek stash.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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