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Im worried this is too late... but my male bushynose pleco just came out of hiding and I noticed he was all swollen :( breathing is kinda fast. All other fish in tank look good.
Moved him into my beta tank and beta into a plastic shoe box type thing.
Wondering if anyone knows what this is? I gave a dose of BiFuran+

Pictures can be seen in this link to my smugmug page.
Thank you in advance for any help!

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Could be a number of things :(. I'm assuming you already tested water parameters in the main tank?

I would treat it as a bacterial infection for now, do daily water changes, and increase aeration in the hospital tank with air stones or a powerhead. Also consider an epsom salt bath (search on here, I've giving instructions a few times).

Sorry I can't give more details for now but I'll be back later to clarify if needed.
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