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Sick mouse with respitory infection?

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:confused:HI Im new here .I found this site after much internet research trying to find out what to do for my little mouse"Pixie"
She has been to the vet 3x and been on 3 different types of antibiotics but still is all congested sounding . I was using carefresh bedding but changed to crushed up corn cob bedding . The secound antibiotic seemed to help for a day but it could of just been I didnt get her excited enough to hear the nasal sniffels she had .This mouse is suposed to replace my wifes last mouse I bought her after she got diagnosed with breast cancer .<shes cancer free 2 yrs now after double masectomy> The mouse doesnt have the squinty eyes they get when they get really sick but I only have 3 years experience caring for rodents ...

Im currently giving her colidial silver<sp?> 2x a day hoping that will clear it up..
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I've never had to give mice meds, but I have had a lot of experience with rat respiratory issues. The antibiotic that is most effective is Baytril, and it's even stronger when combined with doxycycline. You should have at least a 2 to 3-week round of ABs in order to effectively clear the infection. Ask your veterinarian about these drugs.
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