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Sick teddy bear hamster!

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So about three days ago my hamster Garfield started getting crustys in his eye and each day I wash it out at least three times with warm water. Each day it has gotten worse. Now today I cleaned his eye out for the second time already today and I noticed his nose was a little crusty looking and was a dark pink almost red like it was irritated. He has this sneeze that is so loud and it sounds like he is sneezing up boogers with it almost with a squeaking sound. :( it's very hard to describe but if anyone has any suggestions to help please!!! Help! Bringing him to the vet was my last option because I financially don't have all the money to pay for it so I was hoping to get by with some home remedies or some type of over the counter people medicine I could give him. I have no clue. But please Garfiled needs help!
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I suggest you bring him to the vet if hes sick. as we can only offer some advice on the internet the best bet is the vet I know that you said you dont have all the money for it, but maybe you could borrow the money,
Stop washing the eyes with water. Hamsters have very sensitive immune systems, and getting him wet increases his chances of catching something, and if he already has an illness, it does not help the immune system.

Instead of washing them, use cuetips to clean the eyes. You can try to make home made thyme tea and see if he will drink a little, you will need an eyedropper or mini syringe (no needle). It really sounds like he needs vet attention.
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