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Sister Kittys

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My family has two one year old Calico cats. They are both female.. Well they havent been going in the litter box, they do sometimes but we have found poop and pee in many other places(Like on MY bed). Will spaying help with this?? They are indoor cats.. Also they are VEERRRYYY anti social. What do I do??? :(
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spaying might help but you should also bring them to the vet to see if they dont have an urnairy track infection
Oh yes, please do get them spayed. As soon as possible. Constant heat cycles every 3 weeks will drive them (and your household) crazy. Spaying also prevents diseases such as pyometra (a deadly uterine infection) and uterine cancer, and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Also, eventually they WILL get out and get pregnant.

So get right on that! :)

But I have some questions, first about their litter boxes.

Are both cats avoiding the litter box, and both pee and poop?

How many litter boxes do you have? How often are the litter boxes cleaned?

Where are the litter boxes kept?

And now about their level of socialization:

How long have you had the cats?

What kind of interaction with people do the cats get? Does any one play with them? How often?

Is your household busy and loud? Or quiet with little activity and no people ever coming in?
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They only seem to avoid the box when they are in heat. We have one litter box that is cleaned daily. The Litter box is kept in our upstairs hall way. If we put it in the bathroom they pee on the towels and bath mat.

We have had the cats since they were old enough to be away from their mother. I have tried to play with the cats, pet them and i try to hold them but they wont stand it. I tried getting cat toys but the cats just sare at them. When they were kittens they used to play but now they wont. i try to interact with them daily but they just run away from me. My house is mainly quiet with little activity but there is always someone in the house.
They will be brought to the vet ASAP.
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