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We recently had to take some of our rats to a vet because of sneezing and in one of our rats, congestion.
When i finally found Harris Parkway Animal Hospital, they were very flexible and willing to work with us! I told them I had a budget I couldnt go over and I had 5 rats. They told us to bring in two and they'd diagnose all 5(After I told them all were showing the same symptoms)

We ended up bringing three, because one needed her cage buddy. They were just fine with the extra buddy just tagging along for the ride. They actually were glad we did since the extra(and her male counterpart) were the smallest of our group. They only made us pay the fee for one pet and gave us everything we needed to care for the pets!

The staff was VERY friendly and we had three or four assistants come in to see the babies. They even got their picture taken!
My fiance and I will be taking all of ours there once we have the money to give them all a check-up.
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