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Small Pet Igloo - Sheltering Your Animals

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The adaption of small rodents to pets is truly a wonderful thing. Many animals make great pets, but none are as compelling as the small rodents. Unfortunately you cannot take the instincts out of the animal. This can mean that they respond to loud noises by hiding. Hiding in a tube or hut can help your pet feel more secure. Small pet igloos are a great option because they are plastic, which makes them easier to clean, and easier to replace. This pet toy or habitat is one of the key foundations to making your rodent feel at home with you.

Many forms of shelter have been artificially created for pets that love to burrow and hide at any sign of worry. Because pet cages are not made for digging there are replacements. The small pet igloo and other shelters help your pet feel secure and protected. Also the addition of a shelter into your rodent or other small animal cage can provide shade and nesting. Hamsters and gerbils love to build a nest that is out of the way, and an igloo can fit that purpose really great. Non nesting animals like rabbits and guinea pigs will still adore a great shelter.

The plastic ones that are shaped like and igloo are probably the best shelter option, because they are developed to be size appropriate, and they can take a beating. Many rodents will chew on whatever shelter that you have in their cage. A wooden, cardboard, or straw shelter will have a short lifespan due to chewing. Picking a material like plastic can mean the difference between buying one small pet igloo and buying several wooden shelters a year. The plastic will last, and also it has other benefits. Most importantly the various sizes of the igloos are developed specifically for certain animals.

Small pet igloo's are smooth surfaces, but still have texture to promote cleanliness and hide flaws. You can easily take out the igloo and give it a wipe down or a heavy scrubbing to get all the dust and grime off. Your pet will love getting a clean igloo, because it will be like having it for the first time all over again. The texture helps to repel the worst of the grime before it ever gets on the igloo. The shape and curves of the igloo hide where your pet may have gotten too enthusiastic about chewing. Buy an igloo and see how your small pet loves it.
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