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So I know someone posted something like this at one point, but I couldn't find it, so I figured I'd throw this out there on my own, and I figure since we all know how important rabbit poop is, I don't have to warn you that this is going to get a little gross:

I had Linus out of his cage for a little bit, and after about a half hour, I noticed that the poop Linus was dropping here and there as he roamed around the room was pretty smelly today. Upon investigation, they didn't look like cecals. They're kind of oblong, and soft (but not all-out runny), and definitely smelly. So I checked his litter box and those all looked normal.

I know bunnies can be really good at hiding illness, but he really seems fine -- he was running around like a maniac, happily exlporing, binkying around, and even played a little bit of "tag" with me.

So now I'm wondering if this is just a warning sign that I'm switching his food too fast (I just went out and bought new food earlier this week, and I've been trying to slowly transition), so I'm going to try to step it back a bit and see if that helps. I give him fresh timothy hay every day so I know it's not because of that.

I'm also wondering if this is because he isn't neutered yet. I read somewhere that rabbits can mark their pellets to establish their territory, and that the smell can be pretty skunky sometimes.

I mean, no matter what, I have a vet appointment later this week, but I'd just love a little peace of mind that this isn't some dire emergency that I'm missing. :(

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As I was reading this I was thinking about my Akina (non spayed). She used to lay these too I know exactly what you're talking about. I would assume it's from a territorial non-fixed bun. Akina used to lay them in the most inopportune places -_- Yes, yes I do mean I found them smeared on my sock on more than one occasion. What a stink that comes off them eh? Yet, Acacia is spayed and has never let such foul things exit her body . . . ever.

Now, while it could also be contributed to the new diet I would mention both to the vet. It sounds harmless.
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