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Smudge's smudges (:

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Just thought I'd show you all how Smudge got his name, LOL. You've all seen his lip smudge...

And I've finally captured his tummy smudge on camera! It's the little white spot... When I tried to get closer, he got up to investigate the camera. I love how his little paws stick up while he is in a dead bunny flop. :lol:

And just because he's so cute...

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Hehe, thanks!
Smudge is certainly a cutie!! What breed is he?
Thanks! He is a Dutch rabbit. :)
Aw, what a little Smugesicle! I just love him!
Naaaaw, I melt for the bunny flop! He's pretty darn adorable, especially with the smudges. Bunnies are too curious, it does make taking a picture hard. I have at least a bazillion pics of blurry bunny face, bunny butt, and lack-o'-bunny :/
Thanks you guys!

LOL, most of my bunny pictures end up looking like that too. They just can't sit still!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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