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I can understand off leash situations...My dogs have a big yard,over an acre! So they run and play all the time!

I fully trust all of my dogs! However,when someone comes,unexpected or not,they are ALWAYS contained! the 2 cockers are in a kennel,and the 2 bigger dogs go in the house. My mix is free in house,but the shepherd is put in a cage. He is a pup,and is friendly,but is so by our body language.

We got him for home protection,the other 3 are super friendly and aren't very intimidating to anyone,even strangers.

The shep has had his back hairs stand up on some ocassions when he hears something out of the ordinary.A bicyclist, a deer making noise in back,or another dog from down the street.He looks to me and stands guard,until I tell him come and praise him. He will learn from me whether or not a threat that comes needs action from him.Don't get me wrong,he is being people socialized. I just would not let him out with anyone that comes over...he is under MY control at ALL times.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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