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uhm apperently alice was pregnant when i bought her because she gave birth last night while i was sleeping

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helps if you tell us what Alice is gerbil or hamster and Hamster Hideout has a great care guide

But basics ... if its a hamster

- DO NOT touch the babies
- Leave the mommy alone
- try to keep the room quiet
- feed high protein foods once to twice a week
- do not limit fatty foods let her eat as much of whatever so wants
- give lots of tp for nesting
- DO NOT clean the cage for at least two weeks or until she is ok with you touching her babies
- remove the wheel
- If she is in anything smaller than a 20 long upgrade her when you clean the cage
- seperate genders at 5 weeks for syrians 4 for dwarfs girls with mommy boys in another cage
- Depending on species you can either rehome in pairs or rehome a single hamster to each family

Also what food are you feeding? I would do Mazuri for syrians Hazel hamster for WW and siberian / Russian

And you can start feeding veggies that are not high in water at this point its good for the mommy especially
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