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I think you need to calm down a bit and look at this logically instead of "going to Petsmart to kick the F'er in the junk".

It is impossible to completey 100% guarantee an animal is healthy. Just like people. You don't know when an animal is incubating an illness that will appear when they're stressed out. You have records from the vet where the vaccinations were done, and if he was acting healthy and not displaying any problems at the time of adoption, were they supposed to psychically time travel to when you adopted him to know that he may have an illness which would manifest when stressed out by an adoption?

Instead of being a jerk and threatening violence towards them, have you contacted them to let them know what's going on? In our case, when animals turn up sick within a certain period after adoption we provide medical care for those animals or offer to take them back, with no consequences.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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