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Some randome questions! (:

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Hey everyone!

So since I've been working at a pet store for a month, I get my employee discount! :D And what an epic discount it is... I just got 5 new toys for Smudge, a bag of Carefresh (I ran out of Smudge's usual litter), 3 replacement filter sponges and a double pack of blood worms for Squishy, all for $25 LOL. Needless to say, I love my job.

There were a couple more random things that I've been meaning to do that I can actually afford now: Mostly importantly, I need a new hood for Squishy's tank! The one I have now is ancient... It doesn't have an off switch and it's electrocuted me before too. :rolleyes: I hate the wood-grain look, so I wanted to get a black one. Is there a safe paint that I can use to paint the trim on my aquarium black too? It would be a ton of work the replace the whole aquarium, so I was thinking I could paint the trim black with acrylic paints and use Mod Podge Hard Coat to seal it. That's what I seal Dudley's fake rocks with, and it's water resistant and non-toxic.
I was also wondering if I should get an aquarium light that promotes plant growth? I've noticed a couple leaves on my java fern die in the last few months.

And I plan to change my hermies to a new cage too. I only have 6 of them, so I was going to move them to my spare 15 gal. It's a really nice Oceanic one, and it has a glass top and vents on the sides. I used to use it for Millie and Wink. I have to buy a new UTH and stuff though.
But I was wondering, would it matter to them if they didn't have salt water? They are all Purple Pincher hermies, and the extra water dish would just take up more space. I wanted to just give them one big fresh water dish, and put it on top of a small piece of reptile carpet so they can't fling all their sand into it. Thoughts?

Oh! And I might be able to adopt a leopard gecko if I sell all of my old aquariums and extra reptile supplies! (I have a ton of extra tanks, and multiple storage bins full of accessories LOL) There is this awesome 20 long aquarium with sliding glass doors at work that I REALLY want!
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bump employee discounts rock :)
Sorry don't know anything about hermies but I would definitely reccomend selling some things that you no longer use. Local classifieds are my vice when I need something so you'll strike it pretty good.

Your discount seems awesome!! I really want to work at the local PetSmart but it's 20 min bus ride away and I like working where I can walk to. :/ <plus I am moving to a new dept Joe Fresh Clothing, with the Loblaws name> but I would just LOVE to go clean the betta bowls at PS :(

Congrats on your job :D
Awesome discount! :D I work at a college and have always felt I should get textbook discounts or something :lol:.

You should be fine with that paint but I haven't done it before. If it's water-proof I don't see a problem. What kind of lighting do you have now? You can certainly upgrade but you won't need anything too bright for java ferns ;). They're fine in low light (but maybe your lighting is a bit too low...I'd guess that perhaps the bulbs weren't changed recently, resulting in new light wavelengths).

I've read that Purple Pinchers don't need saltwater. We offered ours saltwater anyway so I can't say for sure that it's true but that is what I read :).
Hehe, I know, my discount is amazing! :D

And my lightbulb is a random one from Walmart. It's getting a little old, so getting a new one would probably be a good idea. Are there any specific kinds I should get?

And I think I'll try just freshwater with my hermies for a while. They don't seem to really care which dish they drink out of anyways.
You're discounts are really amazing Jess.,I love
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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