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Chiko is my little :angel:
He also LOVES christmas

this video explains why

little music video of chiko getting scritches:tyvm:

funny noise that chiko tends to do NONSTOP lol

train impersonation

chiko doing his rain dance a.k.a taking a shower

chiko trying to wake up my fiance lol

clicker training session with chiko

parrot party. a fellow cockatiel keeping friend was leaving so we had a get together with our parrots. as you can see the cockatiels were swarming me lol. and un case you dont notice the screaming here and there is because our friends meyer parrot would swoop down and try to get the cockatiels lol. the grey cockatiel is mine the pied and the lutino are my friends cockatiels

chiko giving kisses and a few other noises

this isnt chiko but my two other cockatiels(Parents to the new baby i have). Charlie and Isabelle. This is Charlie courting Isabelle by doing mating calls
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