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Well, I'm soon to be the owner of three little Mice. I'm not sure what kind they are but they look like American or Field mice, honestly I'm not sure.

I'm looking to find a cage that is good and cheap (less than $40 if possible, will go as high as $55), I'm a college student, but I don't live in a door or anything, but my room isn't that big. I'm honestly not sure what to do. I was told Critter Trails cages are great, but the one with the size I need is too much.

If anybody has some advice on the subject, I'm all ears. <3

Thank you!

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I have a Marichioro Jill 52.2 for my mouse trio and I love it

If your mice are not tamed yet I would strongly recommend a bin cage with the top and 3 sides cut out and meshed over with 1/4 inch mesh its worth the work.

remember LOTS of climbing toys ... Here is the link to the video of my girls in their cage so you can see just how big it is for them
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