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Wow have I had my number of chinchilla incidents since I started college. My chinchilla Alfie, who about a month ago had to have stiches for a wound on his head cut his toe this past weekend. I cleaned it up myself, and had to do so thoroughly since he had just had a dust bath and got dust all over it. I do not know how it happened. I can only speculate that my other chinchilla who lives below him bit his toe.

I got it cleaned up and the bleeding stopped rather quickly, but now I have noticed he is chewing on his arm, far above the wound. It looks reddish and like he either chewed it raw or scratched himself on something. Should I just keep an eye on it? Does anyone know what would cause this behavior?

Thanks in advance.
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also, Just as a side note: I do not know if the two issues are interrelated.
It could be related. He could be chewing because of the pain caused by his toe is irritating him. Once again, the only thing I can suggest is a vet to make sure that the toe isnt broken (the lil buggers bite hard.) But you are having a share of problems, arent you? :(
It's only since I came to college. I never had so many problems when we were at home. Now of course when I have nobody to physically help me is when I have all the issues.

I don't think his toe is broken because it was only the very tip before the bone that was bitten and bloody. Like a tiny spot on the tip of his toe. I will look into it though for sure to be sure. Does anyone know any other possibilities for why he would be chewing? I just want to know all the possibilities. Thanks!
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