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Sparrow Had to Have her Leg Amputated :/

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I have been running on nerves since Friday morning. I had gone in to my vets on Thursday morning to drop off Dexter for a recheck and new meds for his persistent URI/pneumonia, and to let 2 lovely old sweeties go. I told the Clinic Manager I was upset because I had found a nasty tumour on one of my girls. She said bring her in so Dr Munn can see it himself. I said its deeply embedded into her leg and I think the whole leg would have to come off AND she's 23 months but Kirsti said, bring her in, Dr Munn has been doing some amazing surgeries lately. So I dropped her and Absinthe (cagemate) off in the morning and at 4 pm, heard from Dr Munn. Everything I observed and suspected was correct and the leg would have to come off. We decided that it was growing too fast to be left to Monday, so my vet did the surgery on his own time this afternoon. My poor scrappy girl Sparrow had her left front leg amputated at 2 pm on Saturday. It really was a life and death option because this tumour was growing so much and already affecting her mobility only 1 week later. I likely would've had to put this girl to sleep in about 3 weeks. The good thing is Sparrow is a tough, non-cuddly gal, who lives to run. The surgery was a success in many ways, my vet had never done a front leg amputation on a rat before so this is a learning experience for all of us. Plus he said he rarely gets to do things like this and save rat's lives the way we did today. The next 24 hours are critical but she is in great hands with him, and I will pick her up on Monday night. After that I will be documenting the healing, and the adapting to not having that leg. I have been through a hind leg amputation and the rat did amazingly. A missing front leg will be more difficult, how is she going to groom, eat, stand etc...but rats are amazing, and you are invited on this amazing trip journey with us. Healing vibes my brave girl ♥

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Oct 19

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Aww, what a trooper your Sparrow is! Such a pretty chocolate girl and so strong and brave. I know she will do just fine with three gams and she will be running around as usual, just with a slightly different gait. You go, Sparrow!! :)

Dr. Munn, wow, what a great vet to have for your furry bubs. He sounds just wonderful!!
Hahah she's just a rusting black. Chocolate as a genetic coat colour is very very rare.

Godmother said:
So relieved! Now she'll just need a Cheerio holder, appointed face washer, etc
*raises hand*

Until she sorts something out for herself. LOL

Well we are home, and I am in shock at how well she is doing! She had a little pink sock on for protection for the incision initially.

But Wren especially didn't like it on her and I removed it, and now everyone's like "ho-hum she's back" and left her to run on the floor.

Ohh thank you for taking that off!!

Then off she goes...

Better pic of the incision

and runs out of the frame

To the wheel I had out for Abby (she ignored it for the floor

I had dropped oxbow into the baby cereal/lab block dust and she REALLY wanted those...she's trying to figure out how to eat one-handed and she's bright enough I bet she figures out a way.

Time to groom

And after this my batteries died (stupid new charger!), but she's climbing everywhere and is on the floor right now in the other much for "recupteration" I even got cuddles, licks and boggles before she went on her way again.
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and more pics in the new cage...she went to the top, checked everything out but she is hanging in the base mostly.

Should I sleep here? She was sleeping in the Mewsprint, so I pulled her out, gave her metacam and put a hammock underneath her.

But I just went back and found her lounging even more comfortably. :D

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Yes, I always see a dark brown/blackish coat and think of chocolate, so I call them chocolate babies. I call my own baby, Maximus, my chocolate baby, but I bet he is actually a black boy, perhaps? :)

WOW! I knew Sparrow would be soooo adaptable to her new 3 limbed body, what a trooper you are, you sweet girl! I am SO proud of her! I bet you are too, yes Spaz? That pink sock looked cute as a button on her, even though I know she was probably relieved to be out of it.

I am just tickled to death at how well she seems to be doing, after just getting back from her surgery, incredible! We can learn so much from our ratty babies, eh? Just loved the photos of her getting around, doing her normal activities, and you even got some cuddles and boggling from her!

Sparrow, you are an inspiration, truly. Way to go, girl! My heroine. :wavey:
loved seeing these pics. i am so glad she is recovering so well! what a trooper! give her kisses for me :)
Ahw wow, what an amazing baby! You must be so proud of her, she's a proper little trooper!
That is amazing, I am so glad to see that Sparrow came out of her surgery well. She looks wonderful. You really are an amazing rat parent <3
thank you everyone :)

I took a video this weekend of her adapted beautifully to her new circumstances. She amazes me every day :D Dec 16 2010/Sparrowvid2Nov412.mp4.html
WOW, amazing video and Sparrow is AMAZING and so beautiful and sweet! Look at her go! I started to forget she is missing a front leg, she was zipping around with no problem. Good girl!!

I am sooo very proud of her! I watched the video 3 times in a row just to revel in how well she was doing and to soak up the cuteness of watching her eat her num nums and drink out of her little bowl. Sigh! :heart:
She is so cute! Can't believe how well she is doing!!
I am glad she has healed up so well! Here is a rat you might find inspiring. Her name is Cotton Candy and she was attacked by one of her siblings as a baby, and had to have both front arms amputated and is also missing part of her tail. Cotton Candy is a special rat just like Sparrow. :)

She has a blog, too.
Awww, Cotton Candy, what a special girl! I saw that she has 600 fans on Facebook. Atta girl! That is so inspirational. :D
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